How to enter a text into custom field

Hi all!

I created a custom field. I can see it now in the table that displays all the references. But how can I enter a text  into “Custom 1” such as I would enter “2020” into the field “Year”?



You should be able to double click on a reference to edit the references. You would then scroll the list of fields down locate Custom 1 and then enter the information.

If the above steps do not help then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


If the custom1 field isn’t named in the ref type table in preferences, it probably won’t be listed as a field in the record listing though. 

Dear both,

I have named the custom field “ID”. But still I cannot find it when I edit a reference. What am I doing wrong?

Please see screenshots attached.



Are you showing all fields or just fields that have content.  see image

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Dear Leanne,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I ticked “show empty fields”. If I remove it, the empty fields disappear. They appear again, when I tick it again, but there is never “ID” nor “Custom 1”.

Any other idea?




I understand the disconnect.  The Custom field needs to be named in the reference type settings and has to be defined in every ref type that you intend to use the custom 1 field in.  

For example, in the attached snip, I first chose to edit preferences, then went to the Reference Types, and selected “interview” ref type, and now I can go down to the field and add ID to the custom 1 field name.  click okay.  Now that field will appear whenever a record is defined as “interview”  but not for other ref types. 

In my Journal article ref type for example, custom 1 has already been used for “Legal Note” and custom 2 for the PMCID.  Even if I display “custom 1” and name it ID, it will still show the contents of the custom 1 field in the general library column you renamed (even if it is a legal note). And it will still show the “legal notes” field in the right hand reference display. 

If the field is undefined in a ref type, it will only show up if you filled it in some way (say if you filled it when it was defined as “legal note” in journal article and you then changed the ref type of the record to “interview” which has no defined field name for custom 1).   

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Thank you! It worked. :slight_smile: