restarting numbering in 1 word document


I’m writing a book in word existing of different chapters. I’m using WORD 2010 and using the endnote Tab. When i start a new chapter, the reference numbers continue.  I would like to have a reference list after each chapter. The following chapter i would like to restart numbering my citations. I can create several word documents for each chapter but then i have problems with table of content, pagenumbers etc…

For example

chapter 1 (references 1-19)

reference list 1-19

Chapter 2 (references 1-37)

reference list 1-37

Is this possible using endnote in word?

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That depends on the version of endnote you are using.  Since EndNoteX4, if you divide the chapters with Section breaks, you can use or edit an output style that generates a bibliography at the end of each section. 

The description of help in the Endnote  program can be found under “Creating multiple bibliographies in a single document (Microsoft Word):” of the help – (or listed in EndNote’s help index  under "Sections, in Word documents"

i did not know where to look, thank you for your reply. Problem solved…

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