EndNote 21 Reference Panel won't adjust, bring back Change Layout

I just started using EndNote 21 after playing with EndNote 20 for a few months. One major difference between the two versions that I’ve noticed is that the Reference Panel on the right side is no longer adjustable after a certain point. It is now fixed to a certain width and cannot be minimized. My laptop has a 13" screen and the Reference Panel now takes up nearly half the screen. This means I can only see a couple of fields in the Search Panel, which was already difficult to view without the option of changing the layout. I’m including a screenshot of what my library window looks like. This is as minimized as the Reference Panel gets.

While I’m at it, I’d like to echo all the other users who have rightly pointed out that the loss of the Change Layout feature makes EndNote 20+ very difficult to use. Please address this in the next update!


Yes, good point. This is very similar to my (I think, even greater!) frustration which I commented in 20 and is still in 21, that the window to correct references during formatting is wider than the screen and can only widen it MORE. Nothing lets me resize it to a normal width. It’s off the screen! That makes no sense.

The loss of layout options that occurred with v.20 has long been lamented by users.

The makers of EndNote care little, and show no interest in changing that. Ever.

Your complaint is falling on deaf ears.

What can we expect from the people who thought black and green was a good idea?

I agree with this. We work with about 50% of references we have to enter manually. With the way the Summary/Edit/PDF panel is right now, that makes our life difficult. We would prefer to be able to see the PDF next to the Edit field at the same time to check if everything was correctly entered manually. This is not possible anymore. You have to pop out the PDF completely or constantly switch between those two tabs. In addition you have to minimize your windows if you only have one screen available . If you have only on screen available you might have to minimize the two windows side by side which is also not optimal since you loose space and therefore certain information is not visible anymore without using the scroll bar. Having this panel on the side instead of the bottom also takes away space from the reference list panel and I can’t see all of my fields anymore. That was not an issue, when having the Summary/Edit/PDF panel at the bottom of X8. We would really appreciate it if the option to adjust the layout/view was available again.

Thanks and kind regards

For me this is critical–both being able to view the pdf next to the edit reference pane as well as the ability to hide empty fields that unnecessarily fill up the screen. Please bring this functionality back.

OP here - just wanted to say that the new update that was just pushed, EN 21.1, has actually addressed a lot of these issues. There is now an option to change the layout of the windows so the Summary pane is on the bottom of the screen. You can also now pop out the reference in a new window for editing, and there’s an option to display the PDF side-by-side with the fields. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that most of my issues have been addressed! My only two gripes left are that I would like a way to turn off the general Summary pane as it not helpful to me (I only want the reference preview); and I would like to be able to double-click a reference to pop it out in a new window. For now the only way I can see how to do it is to use the button at the top of the Summary window.

I just started a new topic on what, for lack of a better description, is my biggest gripe: the inability to edit a reference and see its formatted bibliographic entry at the same time. I’ve been using EndNote since X7 and always arranged the reference to pane to be able to edit and view the results of the edit simultaneously. Would be nice if they brought it back. I agree, though, that 21.1 is an improvement over 21.0.