Endnote 20 Preview Pane

It seems like a design oversight, but the right-sided preview pane in Endnote 20 is really a an eyesore. It is much easier to read with the preview pane at the bottom. We now can open the .pdf in the preview pane, but can’t read the who thing unless the preview pane is expanded to over half of the screen. Why not have the preview pane below the listing of references? Or at least have it moveable/customizable. Prior version could open the preview pane and .pdf below and made it easy to go between references and read the .pdf. Overall I have been sorely disappointed with Endnote 20. I really wish that I had not upgraded. I thought it would be better, but clearly is not. Chris Houston, TX USA

I couldn’t agree more! If I could (only) change one thing about EN20, it would be that…

Is anyone from Clarivate reading all this user feedback??

I totally agree.  After recently installing the “upgrade” to EN 20 I hated the interface.  (1) it’s clunky (2) it’s cluttered with things I will never use and evidently can’t hide and (3) I hate the bulky preview pane at the right.  I much prefer it adjustable at the bottom.   

Nothing end-users hate more than “upgrades” that have reduced functionality.   :frowning:

More than a year later. I just upgraded to Endnote 20 and I wished I had read this forum before. It is a disaster to work with this new user interface. As far as I know, no response from the company to all the complaints written on this forum. Or am I wrong?

correct. No one is listening.

Agree to regrets about v20 & the right hand side - I also really don’t like the black background & there is no option to choose a softer background.

However, on the plus side the Preferences & editing the style seems to be laid out much clearer. Thx for that but can we have a bit more flexibility with options - please

I just switched to Endnote 20. To see the preview pane, I found out the when I doubled click on a reference, it pops up on right. Very simple; however, I was searching for a command in the “view” tab for example, and I went to the help file, and type preview, and no instructions related to previewing a bibliography appears. I then went to Google with these search words: “endnote 20 see preview pane”. That led to this site, thus, what I learned by trial and error, double click on the reference (I tend to import my references as endnote xml) may help someone else.