Reverse Endnote Reference Checking Link

Right now, we could do “Ctrl + click to follow link” to go to the references we have cited in our words document. However, we are not able to reverse the task. It becomes very difficult to do checking of references while we read, especially for very long documents, such as thesis.

I hope that this feature of reversing Endnote reference checking link will be added to Endnote, or someone could tell me how to do it if it’s already in place. Thanks.

I think that Word has a “back shortcut”, Alt+left arrow. 

Yes, I can confirm that Alt+Left arrow will take you back to your place in the document.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Hi Leanne and Medmunds,

Thank you so much for letting me know this tip, which even my Endnote workshop trainer does not know…haha. Is this tip found anywhere in the Endnote guide? If yes, kindly let me know the page, otherwise, I hope it could be included in the guide in future.

Thanks again.

Not in the manual to my knowledge and it is a Word function (and it isn’t well documented there either!)

I’ve submitted a request for it to be added to the documentation for the next release. 

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team