RM 12 Web Publisher as a Windows service

I’m running RM 12 (or 12.0.1) Web Publisher on Windows 2003 Server. 

I would like to install Web Publisher as a service.

HOWTO: “To install Web Publisher as a service”


However there is no RMWPService on my server’s services.

What could be wrong?

regards, Esa

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I had the same issue upon first installing refman 12.  I just had the redo everything due to an unrelated issue.  If you have not had your problem solved yet, let me know.


I do have the same problem.

I tried an installation Repair, but to no avail.

I tried to Remove it and then re-install, still to no avail.

I’m out of solutions now :frowning: :cry:

Coudl anyone help me with this.

Alternatively, if you can give me the service parameters, I can set it up manually.

Thanx in advance.

I finally got an answer from my furnisher for this problem (Thanx Adept Science!).


These are the command lines I started to install RefMan as a Service (ask your IT guy if you’re not familiar with command lines):


$ SET SERVICE_NAME=RefMan Web Publisher
$ SET RM_HOME=D:\Reference Manager 12\Program
$ SET APACHE_HOME=%RM_HOME%\WebPublisher\thirdparty\Apache2
$ SET CONF_HOME=C:\Documents and Settings\sa_ldap_proxy_mskp\Application Data\ISI ResearchSoft\RefMan12

$ CD /D “%APACHE_HOME%”\bin
$ Publisher\conf\httpd.conf" -n “%SERVICE_NAME%” -k install
“%APACHE_HOME%\bin\RMWP_Apache_Admin.exe” -d “%APACHE_HOME%” -f “%CONF_HOME%\Web Publisher\conf\httpd.conf” -n “%SERVICE_NAME%” -k install

You’ll need to change the parameters (RM_HOME, APACHE_HOME, CONF_HOME) according to your own set up.