Here the kind of  bibliography I obtained automatically with Reference manager and the output style of Plosone. Please can you tell me how to suppress the last part:ERC-08-0036 [pii];10.1677/ERC-08-0036 [doi].


Ryder M, Ghossein RA, Ricarte-Filho JC, Knauf JA, ***edit***in JA (2008) Increased density of tumor-associated macrophages is associated with decreased survival in advanced thyroid cancer. Endocr Relat Cancer 15: 1069-1074. ERC-08-0036 [pii];10.1677/ERC-08-0036 [doi].

Thanks you very much.

This is the Discussion of Forum specific issues and not the RefMan part of the forum, but I assume you need to edit the Plosone ref output style to remove the PII and Doi fields and text from that “reference type”.  Sorry, but those are Endnote terminologies, and I don’t know if they differ in RM. 

  1. Open the text file, and look for the tag (start of the line) for the PII and DOI fields.

E.g. DOI might be DOI or DI or DO or URL…

  1. Open the import filter, look for the rows with that tag. You can either delete those rows, OR change which field the data is going to (including “Not Specified”, which leaves it alone).

The RefMan manual has more detailed instructions.

If the import filter is used for multiple journals, you might want to save another copy of it called PLoSONE.