Output Style wrong


I encountered a small problem with the Output Style for Global Change Biology.

On the journal´s website it says that the “&” should be used for in text citation between two authors. However, my RM 12 does not do that, instead it puts “and” between the authors.

Also, in the bibliography I cannot get rid of the field Ref.Type when the refernce is a doctoral thesis.

Does anybody know how to change these things?

I am greatful for any help since time is running short for the deadline.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Message Edited by Kiwilisa on 10-22-2008 01:44 PM

You need to fix these things in the Output Style.  Go to the Tools menu, select Bibliography, then Open Output Style.

Select the Global Change Biology and click Open

Select the Bibliography tab.

For each style that has an *, simply remove the line with [01]<Ref Type>  and any other lines or fields you do not need.

Then double click on the <[04 Authors]> field and  choose the Separators Tab.  Use the ‘&’ instead of ‘and’

Save the Output Style 

Thank you very much, the “and”-problem is solved!

However, I did not get rid of the Reference Typ which only appears when the reference is a  doctoral thesis.  The GCB style does not show the [01]<Ref Type> so I cannot delete it. Do you have any other idea how I could solve this?

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