RM12 crashes when attachments opened

we are using RM12 (network) running off our server.  Our intention was to link to all our references saved as PDFs on our server, but in some cases they were “attached” as a pdf embedded in the database.  They show up as PDF icons, but if I now try to open or delete them RM crashes every time.  In general RM is unstable (so I wonder if the two are related).  At this point all I want to do is delete the attachments…but I can’t do that because it crashes without deleting!  anyone got any ideas?

PS RM12.0.0 Bld 2401

The windows crash report states:

Module name msvcr80.dll, Module version 8.0.50727.1433, Offset 000489bc

In most cases we are running fully patched XP pro and office 2003,  XP  or 2007.

I’ll answer my own question, at least partially.  By exporting to an XML file and then running a piece of custom code I managed to convert all “embedded” files to “linked” files.  You then create a new database and import the XML back in.  No ill effects and seems to have correctly moved the references as well as make RM running a bit more stably.  Bit of a cludge but it works. 

As an aside, it appears to have been an issue in big databases (we ahve about 4000 refs).  when you test this ona small database there is no issue.