How can I delete a pdf file attachment?

I just converted from RM 11 to RM 12. The pdf attachments are all there and it seemed to work fine…  For one reference, I noticed an error in the name of the attached pdf file.   In Acrobat I saved the same file with a corrected name.  I attached the corrected pdf file to the RM reference.   But I can’t get rid of the old attachment.  I even deleted the old file, so there is no link to it but the pdf icon for the old file is still there, next to the pdf icon for the new file.  Does anyone know how to get rid of the icon for the old file?

Greetings Carolyn,

Before you begin to troubleshoot this issue, I would make sure to save a backup copy of your database files.  When you have backed up the database-

1.  If you’re looking to delete an item from the File Attachments field, you should be able to highlight the item by single clicking the icon. 

2.  After the item had been selected, you’d press the “Delete” key on your keyboard, which should make a confirmation window appear within Reference Manager. 

3.  Once you had clicked “Yes” on the confirmation window, the item should be removed from the File Attachments field.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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