SAGE Vancouver style with square brackets and no superscript


Hopefully I am going to submit an article soon, and the journal requires Sage Vancouver style with citation in text in the form of number in square brackets, which was easy to fix from citation manager after reading some posts here.

However, I also need to have the references in the text as full points, no superscript or subscript - any tips for solving this last formatting problem?

PC or Mac.  On PC  you select it and hit the button highlighted in the attached.  

on a Mac see the ENMacSuperscript image in this reply.  

Thank you for the answer.

I have tried this to remove the superscript, but it does not work.

I am working on a mac.

I’ll try to switch over to a PC, and see if that helps.

Attach the style, and I can do it for you, too and reupload