Sciendirect Connection


I was recently trying to search for an article in pubmed to import the citation into my Endnote x3 library and pubmed did not have the article. I knew it existed because I had gone to the library earlier and photocopied it. I then went to sciencedirect and searched and found the article, along with several others that looked interesting. However, only after logging in through the library proxy was I able to export the citation.  I’ve contacted elsevier about this missing article in pubmed issue, but realized that I like to do additional literature searching in endnote as I’m importing citations.  I’ve read several messages saying that sciencedirect doesn’t use an endnote accessible server, but I’m wondering when/if that will get resolved.

Thanks in advance.

You will have to ask the ScienceDirect vendor (Elsevier) about that. If they make their database available via a Z39.50 server, then you will be able to search it with an EndNote connection file. Customer pressure on Elsevier is the only solution.