how to "find full text" from sciencedirect?

Now I use the Endnote X5 download from my university and the “find full text” function is very useful. But I found that I can’t download the pdf full text from the journals in sciencedirect database by click “find full text” button.

I’m sure I have the authorization to download them, and I can download the pdf directly on the website, and then attach them in Endnote, but the “find full text” always show “not found”.

And the  “find full text” works well in other database. So I think my Endnote is OK,and I have installed the latest verision of X5 but the problem is still present.

I hope to know what’s the problem and how to solve it.

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What are the specific journals that aren’t working? If you have a few DOIs for individual records, that would be great.


 - Mathilda. the EndNote team

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I think all the journals published in scienceDirect database can’t work well.

For example, doi:10.1016/j.jep.2008.02.010, I can open the PDF directly, but in Endnote, when I click “find full text,”, it only showed Not Found. I have to add the pdf through the “File Attachments”.

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We made a configuration change for ScienceDirect recently.  Please retest and post feedback.


 - Mathilda

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Endnote does not allow me to download PDFs from ScienceDirect. 

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from a location that has access to the specific journal?  you may need to notify Tech support on the page.  

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Find full text is working at the U of Illinois. I just tested it on a recent Science Direct email (J Haz Mater). Contact EndNote tech support.

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