Scroll speed in left panel (Endnote 21)

I recently upgraded to Endnote 21, and it’s working as it should. However, one thing that changed drastically compared to the previous version is the scrolling speed in the left bar. I have many reference groups and frequently need to go from top to bottom and the scrolling speed is much slower than it used to be, and it’s impacting my Endnote experience quite a bit.

To make the issue more specific, I can scroll in the center window (the reference window) with ease, going down roughly 100 lines for every scroll, but in the left bar I can only proceed 10-12 lines for every scoll, which is a bit time-consuming because I have many reference groups and it takes me 32 scrolls to get from top to bottom.

I don’t believe this is a setting that can be changed, unless I haven’t found it yet. It would be great if this could be improved in the next update.