Search and replace part of 'Link to pdf' field in multiple references?

Due to a server migration, all links to pdf’s stored in a specific folder, in multiple RefMan databases are dead. A specific part in each of the url’s has to be replaced with another piece of text, e.g.:

P/IDI/Refman/doc/pdf/Taste of milk

should become:

P/Servernamenew/Refman/doc/pdf/Taste of milk

Preferrably in a batch conversion per database, like a Ctrl-H to search for ‘IDI’ and replace with ‘Servernamenew’ to have this changed for every reference in the database as easy as possible.

I tried to locate this function but wasn’t able to. Can anybody help me on this? We use RefMan 11.

regards, Arno

You should be able to utilize the Find/Replace function in Reference Manager to do this:

  1. Make a backup of your Reference Manager database files (RMD and RMX).
  2. Click Edit > Find/Replace.
  3. For Find Text, enter the original portion of the path to the PDF file. For Replace With, enter the new portion of the path to the PDF file.
  4. Uncheck all Non-Indexed Fields to Search except Link to PDF.
  5. For Replace In, select the appropriate option. For the whole database, select “All references in list.”
  6. Click OK.

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