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I have a problem with the link to PDF.

I saved a PDF file on my personal H drive and then I choose insert file into the field “Link to PDF”.

The idea is then that when i click on the link the PDF file opens.

But it does not.

It insert the correst path but with and “file://” in front of the path.

[file://H:\Arkiv\AH-artikler\E-artikler](file:///H:/Arkiv/AH-artikler/E-artikler) registrede\0029.pdf

However if I remove the “file://” the lin works fine.

[H:\Arkiv\AH-artikler\E-artikler](file:///H:/Arkiv/AH-artikler/E-artikler) registrede\0029.pdf 

Does anyone have an explanation?






Greetings,  When you click on the first link, is nothing happening or are you getting an error message?  If so, what does this message say?  Which exact version of Reference Manager are you working with?  Additionally, which version of Windows are you running? 

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No error message. Nothing happens.

I am using Refman 11 og windows XP.

I just tested both links in both internet explorer and windows explorer and both links works fine.
So it seems that the operating system recognizes both types of link while RefMan does not??

Regards Anker