Search EndNote library by length of article?

Good morning, 

A campus researcher wants to search an EndNote library with 7k+ citations to find records of under 5 pages.  The records under 5 pages would then become a separate group.  I don’t believe EndNote is configured for this kind of search, but it seemed worth asking the experts.  Page field can be searched, but LESS THAN limit does give needed results.  Any suggestions appreciated. 



Oh no - Endnote can’t do simple math!  :dizzy_face:

Not unless there is a field that contains that number that can be downloaded from a database or generated prior to importing by making that field a “formula” in an excel spread sheet and copy the result to another column then import it into custom field? (This would some clever macro to ensure that the ending page numbers be in full obviously). Then you should be able to use the less than option.

It would take a bit of work but if the EndNote references are exported as a text file, then imported into Excel, Excel has the capacity for parsing the pages numbers to enable calculating the total number of pages based on the EndNote “Pages” field. 

In Excel, the Pages column would be selected then converted to columns (“Text to Columns”). This enables parsing or separating-out the page numbers such that the starting page number and ending page number would be setup as separate columns. Then it’s just a matter of using Excel to calculate the difference between the two numbers to determine the total number of pages. Assign a column name that corresponds to an existing EndNote field (or modify a custom field in the EndNote reference template to contain the information).  Then delete the ending page number column, resave the text file then import the file back into EndNote.