Endnote X5 - exporting references to excel

Dear all,

I’m trying to export my references from endnote to excel. I have 8083 references but for some reason I’m only able to export 8,000. I already checked and the missing ones are not at the end nor at the beginning of my list, they’re probably distributed throughout my library. Is there a limit of 8,000? Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance!

Ive the same problem, but I cant find an answer to solve the problem.

I can’t test, as because after creating my endnote library in 1987, I still only have under 6000 records.  But it is possible, that it is missing one or more “record type”?  Like Chapters, or books?  

Thanks a lot, this was exactly the problem.

Please try o check the reference type, as it was suggested by Leanne, it worked for me.