searches failing

Searches of my own database records sometimes do not turn up records which are in that database. I imagine this has to do with the way Spotlight is or isn’t catching records. Is there a way to force a reindexing of the database (assuming that’s the cure)? tx

PS: I mean searches from the uppermost window; those from the bottom search windows do work (by author, title), oddly.


If you would like to reindex an EndNote library, start by making sure your library is closed within the EndNote program.  Next, browse to where this library is stored on your hard drive.  Once you find your library, open the .Data folder associated with this particular library and move the “SpotLight” sub-folder on to your Desktop.  Once the SpotLight folder has been removed, open the library within EndNote.  This process should initiate the reindexing of the records found within this EndNote library.  Please let me know if this helps.

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Thanks. I will try this.

Worked! Immediately.Trashed the old folder. Thanks for the tip.

PS: Unrelatedly, I am wondering if there’s any advantage to saving the library as a package or not. Do you have any thoughts? I normally save as a .enl file and a folder. the file is usually empty though (0 KB). So it’s almost as if I had a single package, true? Any reason not to consolidate?

Help! I have the same problem but I cant see a spotlight sub-folder in my .Data folder (!). I’m using X3.

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