How to reindex pdf files

I use the “search Any Field + PDF” feature a lot to do keyword searches in the PDFs stored in my Endnote database. 

Occasionally, the search begins missing files. For example, I’ll search a combination of terms that actually exists in 250 references, but the search will only return 40 of these. (I know the 250 references exist because I have another, more powerful but nonintegrated and resource-intensive search program called PowerGREP that tells me so.)

In the past, I’ve solved the problem by making a copy of the library, which has caused the program to reindex the pdfs. Unfortunately, it didn’t work the last time I tried it.

I’ve searched for a way to call that index PDF function in the Endnote GUI but to no avail. Has anyone got a solution? Is the index stored in a file somewhere, which if deleted, would cause Endnote to generate a new one? 

BTW Thomson Reuters tech support wasn’t much help in this regard. It took ages just to get them to understand the problem and convince them that it was real. 

– JR

I should have mentioned that I’m using Endnote X5, and I recently updated to 5.0.1, so the search is now in “Any Field + PDF with Notes” but the same problem persists. 

Discovered a solution. Under tools, use the “Recover library” function. In creating a new database from an existing one, Endnote will reindex the PDFs.