Searching for all papers in a specific journal on PubMed


Can anyone tell me how to search using EndNote X4 the PubMed MEDLINE at PubMed (NLM) database so as to obtain a list of all papers published in the journal Physiology & Behavior?

I’m looking for the equivalent of the PubMed search “Physiology & Behavior” [TA], which produces 13,732 papers

Searching using EndNote X4 with the 1st search line set to Journal Contains Physiology and the second search line set to And Journal Contains Behavior  produces 0 records

Searching for just Journal Contains Physiology produces only 2112 records

Searching for just Journal Contains Behavior produces 0 records

Clearly, there is something wrong here.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide

Mike in Philly

I got the same number of hits (13,732) searching on Journal Contains:


I can get that number if I search in one field (1st attachment) Physiology+Behavior, but not if I have two sets (2nd attachment) with the “And” selected.  I agree, that this seems wrong.  (with Endnote X4).

Thanks.  Your solution works well, as also does the one posted by Leanne (thanks, Leanne).   Both use the “+” character to search, which seems to be an undocumented feature–at least, I couldn’t find it in any of the “search” topics in the Help dialogues. 

As Leanne shows with her 2nd attachment, there is still something wrong with the way Endnote combines two Journal search terms.

When the search is broken out on two lines in EndNote, it is presented as: Physiology[JOUR]+AND+Behavior[JOUR] to PubMed. This also fails in the PubMed interface so EndNote is consistent with how Entrez performs. NCBI help for journal data is not specific around this so it’s unclear whether this just is by design for the system or unexpected behavior.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

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