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In a thread in the other forum, the issue was raised about searching remote databases for phrases rather than both words options.  I thought that Endnote used to search for the phrase and not both words, but certainly in X3 that is not the case for the Pubmed connection.  Could this behaviour be corrected? Obviously if you want anything with both the words, you would put one in one search and the other in the second search with the AND option.  If you want an exact phrase there is no way to accomplish that. In your local library this is overcome by the “IS” option rather than “contains”- but that option is not available when searching Pubmed for example. 

I overcome it by doing a second search in ther references showing, which allows the “is” option, but if there are thousands of records containing both words, unconnected, this can be rather tedious.

When EndNote connects to an online database to search for references the database runs the search, not EndNote.  Not all of the fields or options available in EndNote will be available on the online database, and as a result the options available during an online search will be different.

With PubMed you can search on a phrase, it just needs to be entered a certain way.  You will enter the phrase in one search box, but instead of spaces you would use +


-Searching on “monkey blood” found 2062218 references

-Searching on “monkey” AND “blood” found 2062218 references

-Searching on “monkey+blood” found 72 references

I will post this in the other thread also.

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