Searching multiple libraries simultaneously

I was a long time user of Reference Managere before switching to End Note recently.  RM had the handy ability to search more than one library simultaneously.  EndNote can’t, unless I’m missing something.  For reasons too complicated to get into, I maintain two separate libraries.  It would be nice to search both at the same time, and would avoid the necessity of entering the same search terms twice.



If both libraries (can’t remember if there is a limit to the number) are open and you are working on a manuscript, the find citation searches both, but it doesn’t have the flexibility of a search in the library it self (like uses “contain” so looking for the author “Li” is a bit of a pain!) but for topic searches it is useful. 


Thank you for your attention.  I am using X5. 

To experiment with multi-library searching, I added “XYZ” as a keyword to two references in each of my two libraries.  Then, with both libraries open,  I did a search for “Keywords Contains XYZ”.  I only got the two references from whichever librarie was on top.  Reversing the library that was showing yielded the same results: only the two references in that library were retrieved.  As an aside, I also got a couple of references that had “XYZ” somewhere in a key word (e.g., hydroxyzine). Searching “Keywords Is XYZ” returned nothing.

There is a box in the header of the Search window that has “Search Whole Library” selected.  The other options there do not seem to be pertinent to my question.

Any ideas?

Didn’t make myself clear, obviously.  When you are in a Word document, you can select a word in the text, for example.  Maybe “hox”,  and then from the Word Endnote ribbon (under insert citation) or Endnote toolbar (in Word 2003), choose “Find Citation”.  Endnote will search any open library for a match, anywhere in any of the records. 

And once you have the Edit citation  window open, you can instead type in an Author name (like Mulcahy :smiley_cat:) and it will pull the matches to the author name from either library and make a list. 

In the pictures, the first shows the place in the ribbon to find the option, in the second the resulting list of records.  The first match is the same, because I was using two endnote libraries with overlap.  the first is from my library, the second from a colleagues.  when selected, the library is shown in the bottom status bar.   ( and there is the “insert” button, to insert a selected citation or citations).