Selecting styles from another folder than c:\users\public\public documents\Reference Manager 12\styles


In Reman 12, styles are stored in c:\users\public\public documents\Reference Manager 12\styles and this is the ONLY place where you can get if using WORD (2013) and trying to chnage the style of a bibliography.  This is annoying because we often prepare specific styles and store them in other folders, and typically in the folder where the document and the corresponding data base are kept.  This is handy because you do not ahve to wawe amonst more a thousand styles to find the one you need and it also allows to quickly prepare a signgle zip containing the document, the data base and the style for sending to colleagues.

How can we instruct the Add-in of Refman12 in WORD to look at other folders ?

Also, when one style has been selected once, it shows always in the style drop list of the addi-in.  Since we may not use this style anymore, how do we get rid if it ?

PS Incidentally, the “HELP” button in the window that open when you try changing of style does not work: we get consistently a message “Failed to launch help”…