Cannot find the styles in my styles folder


For some reason, my new version of Endnote (Endnote 20) cannot find the styles in my styles folder. I have changed the styles folder in preferences to c:\Program (x86)\EndNote 20\Styles but when I open the Styles manager it only shows the 500 preinstalled styles and not what is in the folder. Hence, I cannot install new styles. Does this seem familiar to anyone?


You cannot change  your styles folder location in preferences, to the programs folder as Window’s doesn’t allow programs to write to those folders.  Your styles folder should be in your user area – usually defaults to you user documents/endnote/styles - but you can create a folder in any place you have read write access.  

If you try to change and save as a style, you will get an error message with your current settings, and end up in an infinit loop adding the word “copy” to the file name, and never saving.  

Endnote will collect the styles from both places when you go to look for a style.  This also prevents your own versions being lost when the program updates and writes over the program folder files.  (this is also true for any edited connect or filter files and their locations).