The style in Word is not updating

Hi all,

I have downloaded the style I want to use and saved it. I tried to select the style in the drop down list in Word, but I couldn’t find it. I also tried to search by selecting ‘select another style’ and also by clicking ‘browse’, but still couldn’t find it. All that I saw was 21 Endnote’s default styles. Can someone help me? I am using X7.7 version on Word 2016 (Mac). Thank’s!

So it opened in Endnote and you saved it from endnote?  Check your preferences, folder locations, which should indicate where it was saved, which on a PC is in a different location from the default installation set, but Endnote looks in both places when you browse or “select another style” from the word dropdown.  Try to download again, and give it a new name when you “save as”.  You will need to “select another style” to see it the first time though.  

How did you install the output style file after downloading it? The easiest is to save the style to your desktop then double-click on the file which will activate Endnote. Then from the Endnote toolbar select File >Save As. Replace the word “copy” with the style’s name and click “Save”. Click “File Menu” and select “Close Style”.


May I ask you how you can install endnote onto word 2016 on Mac? I couldn’t see the fully functioning toolbar of endnote