Shared online library on proprietary server

Endnote now offers the functionality to share a library online that can be accessed and modified by up to 15 users at a time. In principal, this is a great feature which we would like to use. However, such a shared library is physically located on servers of Thomson-Reuters which raised questions about privacy/secrecy issues. In fact, it would be a prerequisite for us that such a shared library can be located on one of our own servers; as a consequence we cannot use the shared library functionality of Endnote at the moment. I suppose enabling customers to locate a shared library on a proprietary server would be a great asset. 

We do this by having a read only version of the desktop library on a shared drive, but I suppose that would require that your customers to have endnote, and they would not be able to update it.  We get around the latter, by having a rw version in another folder, that one person at a time can open (many can open the RO version at the same time).  The RW version is copied to the RO folder each night.