Service Error No Property

A researcher at our university has received the following error message when attempting to insert a citation with the EndNote tools.

“Service Error No Property”

He’s on a Windows 7 machine with Word 2010 and EndNote X6.

This question was asked in 2010 but sadly the solution is no longer available. 

Would love some advice about how to fix this.


Melinda Goodin

Swinburne University Library, Melbourne, Australia

Hello Melinda,

The previous suggestion for this error was to try the following steps in the Knowledge Base.

Let us know if you have any questions or if this does not resolve the issue.

Thank you, Tony.

We’ve had a sudden rash of broken EndNote X6 libraries here at Swinburne over the last month, with much shock and horror from the PhD students involved.

I suspect it has to do with bad backup/transportation practices and am trying to track down commonalities as well as answers.

Appreciate your quick reply.