set default to local library not Endnote Web?

I’ve have been using Endnote locally on my own computer since 1996. This week, my Endnote has decided that I will use Endnote Web - it will no longer look at my local library, it asks for username and password for Endnote Web.

Is there a setting so I can use my own library?

See this other thread for toggling between Endnote and Endnote Web.

Can you see the EndNote toolbar in Word? In the right hand box click on Preferences. Then click the Application tab. Is the drop-down box set to EndNote Web? If so, change it to EndNote and click OK.

Does that help?


My problem is not related to CWYW. Instead I’m having this problem when I try to export a reference. The log in prompt for EN Web pops up even though I didn’t use the toolbar and I want the link to open in the desktop version. I’m using ENX7. Thanks for your help.