Shared folders: CWYW

EndNote Web would be more useful for collaboration with other authors, if all of the users sharing a folder were able to use records in that folder with CWYW.

I work with a number of groups of researchers who struggle with the single user limitation of EndNote. There are strageties that collaborators can use, some of which are outlined by John East (UQ) at; but each of these options have a downside, particularly if the researchers are based at different institutions, and are simultaneously working on parts of a larger research project.

Copying / moving records to and from a shared folder, for use with CWYW is not very practical when there are a number of collaborators.

Is it possible to modify the properties of shared folders, so that all those who have access to a folder can use CWYW with  the records in that folder.

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Hear, hear!  This functionality needs to be added!  Don’t know why it is not there already (why if I allow someone to add to or take away from a collection would I not also want them to be able to cite directly from the collection?).


You can now use Cite While You Write with references shared to you, which was added in the February 2010 release.You just need to check the shared group for Cite While You Write in your Manage Group preferences.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team