Shared references: CWYW

Continuing the theme of cooperative research projects …

The latest update to EN Web allows read-write access to shared folders, but does not allow other users to link to records in a the shared folder using CWYW. Only the owner of the folder is able to use CWYW directly with records in the shared folder.

Other users have to copy the records to one of their own foldes in order to use CWYW. This may not sound very difficult, but it does make it complicated for projects with multiple researchers contributing separate chapters to a joint publication, ie. at some point the research group will probably want to pull all the chapters together and append a single list of refs.

This process can be managed (sort of) using a travelling library in EN, but not if  individual authors are writing at the same time. EN Web might provide a solution to this problem, but only if all the users who have access to a shared folder can link to it using CWYW.

Greg Fry

Team leader, Faculty liaison

Charles Sturt University Library

I agree with Greg.  If someone gives me read/write permissions I can see no reason why I should not be able to cite from the shared group when using CWYW.