Shared groups in EndNote Web and CWYW

There was a question posted in this forum back in 2010 about EndNote Web users sharing a folder being able to use records in that folder with CWYW. A Thomson Reuters moderator replied:

You can now use Cite While You Write with references shared to you, which was added in the February 2010 release.You just need to check the shared group for Cite While You Write in your Manage Group preferences.

However, I don’t see a CWYW option now when I share a folder in EndNote Web, and from my testing, I"m not able to access references shared with me through CWYW. Has this ability to access shared references disappeared???

Hi M.,

Please see the attached screenshot showing the option for using shared references with CWYW. If you select this option are you successful in using the shared references with CWYW?

Best regards,

Sharon Ennis

EDITED:  Does this screen shot help?   Once you click on the highlighted link, it is pretty intuitive. After clicking on the link you can choose the group you want to share and with whom.    

Hi Sharon,

It seems that your attachment didn’t come through, but I’ve just figured it out myself. For anyone else who missed it, you need to click on the “Others’ Groups” options in CWYW.

I had expected that the *owner* of the group would need to activate the setting to use with CWYW, rather than the other way around–which is why I didn’t notice the option.