Shared library - sync and merge issue

Hi there

I am working on a brand new project and have created an endnote library that I intend to share with at least 4 other colleagues. I’ll refer to this as “Library A”.

I have followed all the instructions for setting up a shared library so we can all share/contribute to Library A, however, when I sync the libary all of the contents of my own personal library, as it appears on Endnote web, merges with Library A.  I do not want this to happen.  

I want to keep my own personal references seperate from Library A and not allow my colleagues access to these references (mostly because they are not related to our project) but everytime I want to sync, the program wants to merge everything.  

I cannot figure out to stop this from happening! Help!

You cannot have more than one library synced with the  Endnote. at least at this time.  You could share a group with other users as an alternative.  (I am just another user, associated with Endnote)