Sharing a library without permitting writing access?


is it possible to share a library in read only mode? I would like to allow my colleagues to look at my references, but I don’t want them to be able to change anything. Is that possible?



online or on a network.  i am pretty sure there is an option to only share online and not alow collaborations to alter.  

On a network, if the folder is Read only (you can make it read write for yourself, and read only for everyone else), they can open the library – and use it to insert citations, etc but unable to add or alter entries.  They will get a warning when they open it, that they should just accept/ignore.  

In fact both are covered in this white paper i found on the endnote training pages:

Dear Leanne,

thanks a lot for your reply, but actually I already read the paper you recommended and it does not cover my problem. I don’t want to share single groups and I don’t want to put a copy of my database on a drive, where it can be accessed by others.

I would like to invite colleagues to access my library, using my Endnote x7’s  “Share library” tool. My colleagues would then be able to open my library via File -> Open shared library. And I wasn’t able to locate an option that allows me to give others read only access.

The option for specifying whether a shared library is “read only” or “read and write access” is available via the Endnote Web interface.

  1. After uploading your references to your Endnote online account log on to your account, then organize the references into a group by going to Organize >Manage My Groups. Create a group, add the references to the group (Refer to image #1.) Group(s) must be created in order to enable sharing libraries.

  2. Click to select the Share box then the Manage Sharing button. (Refer to image #2.)

  3. Within the Manage Sharing window click to select “Start sharing this group” (image not provided). This causes a pop-up window to appear which enables adding email addresses of people invited to view the references along with an option to designate library as “read only” or “read and write access”. (Refer to image #3.) Click Apply then click Close window.

Dear Crazy Gecko,

Group(s) must be created in order to enable sharing libraries.

thanks a lot for your reply, but that doesn’t seem to be right. You can share a library by sharing groups, but in Endnote X7 you can also share a whole library via the “Share Library” Button without sharing single groups (or one group that contains the whole library).

Changing the permissions for a group isn’t a problem at all, as you showed in your post. But that’s not what I’m looking for.