Sharing Library read-only

Heyho boys and girls,

is there an opportunity to share a library with other persons, so that the others only can read my library, without rights to change anything? When I share my library normally anyone can make changes and these changes get synced afterwards. I know there’s a possibility to share groups via EndNote Web with read-only but here you can’t share attached articles. 

Any suggestions?
Thank you in anticipation, Daniel 

Nope and this should  be a definite  possibility.  I have never seen a shared database (think genealogy, or access databases) that don’t have levels of access.  – Read, edit only or full owner access.

So this is why we share our library on the network drive locally.  There, by managing folder read or read/write access, I can control my library and grant control to those I trust.  Others can use it, but not edit it.  

For the sync library, this is something to add (again if necessary) to Suggestions forum.  

Hi long time Endnote user,

thank you for the answer! In this case I save a lot of time trying to change any levels of access. So thanks again, kind regards!