Sharing library with multiple clients

I am trying to create multiple libraries with multiple clients.  

I want to be able to create a username/password for each client and I want them to only see the library that is relevant to them.  Most of the files are confidential, so I can’t have competing clients looking at each other’s library.  

I want the client to be able to search and view pdfs.

I want them to be able to access it online and to be able to save the documents to their personal computer.

Right now I have the trial version of EndNote to decide if this is the right program for us.  Can EndNote do these things and how?



It is not possible to password protect an EndNote library.  However, if you were to create separate EndNote libraries for each of your clients, you could send along a copy of their specific library within a password protected compressed archive (.zip) file. 

Another option would involve the use of EndNote online to share library groups with your clients, so they have access to only the references in that particular shared group.  Each of your clients would sign-up for a free EndNote Basic account, then you would choose to share specific groups of references with each of your clients.  The only limitation to this solution would be that EndNote online group sharing would not allow you to share file attachments with your clients.  That is to say, your clients would be able to see all associated reference data stored within the library records you’d like to share with that person, but would not have access to any PDF attachments.

If you’d like to explore either of these options further, please reply to this thread and I’ll be glad to get in touch with you directly to outline my suggestions in greater detail.

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