Hyperlinks lost when converting to plain text

Hello everyone
I often use Endnote styles that include hyperlinks e.g. Hirte, J., Leifeld, J., Abiven, S., Oberholzer, H.-R., Hammelehle, A., Mayer, J., 2017. Overestimation of Crop Root Biomass in Field Experiments Due to Extraneous Organic Matter. Frontiers in Plant Science 8. http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2017.00284

The hyperlink is visible and active in the working document. However when I convert my document to plain text all the hyperlinks disappear. OK disappear isn’t the quite the right word - it just isn’t a hyperlink anymore

I have just migrated to Word 365 and wondered if this was the issue as I don’t recall this happening before.
Thanks for any thoughts

I believe Word converts it to “plain text” which means it strips out the html links as well as the endnote fields? – did you use endnote’s command or Word’s ? I haven’t tested the difference though.

Hi Leanne, thanks for the response
Using Word strips all formating. I use Endnote to “convert to plain text” which I expected to strip the EN formatting only - looks like both methods delete the hyperlinks. Ah well live and learn. Thanks

Oh well. Maybe you can use one of the steps in this to restore the URLs?