How to link the reference and bibliography after remove field code in word


I did make mistakes by clicking remove field code and the orginial document was missing. Now when I click the each reference, it shows plain text, and not grey any longer. And also the bibligragphy is gone. Obviously it is not linked to my endnote library.

Is anyone know how to link the field code and get the bibligragphy back in the word documents? All mac version.

I don’t want to start all over again to insert every reference.

Any one can save me? Many thanks.:smiley:

Not easily.  – Do you have a backup version?  You can open that, unformat citations (DON’T remove field codes obviously) and do a compare with your current version.  Then reject the plain text versions of the citations and keep the curly bracketed ones, accepting all your more recent changes.  

if no backup, then what is the citation format? numbered or (author, year)?  You might be able to do some search and replace if author year.  You might be able to create a library where you create a library by dragging and dropping and get the record number to match the numbers in your document and then add a # infront of the numbers and enclose them in curly brackets… 

just two ideas…

The plain text is in this format, for example (Meulbrook, 2000 #520).

I tried to re-add the references and it shows ‘‘service error, generic’’

using search and replace, change the parentheses to curly brackets and make sure your preferences (in both the edit>preferences in Endnote, and in the Endnote format bibliography dialog in Word) are set so that “temporary delimiters” are {curly brackets}. Apart from that, those are endnote temporary citation and you didn’t convert to plain text - you reverted to the temporary citations.

(added in edite)

You may want to removed field codes from that version before formating to ensure there are no corrupt field codes.  Always work with a copy - so you can go back to the orignal and make a new copy - to prevent losing all your work).