short form Chicago 16


I’m having trouble getting the short form to generate correctly in Chicago 16 footnote style. Word 2016, EN X8 and Windows 10.

My problem is like the one discussed in the post “Short form not consistent with template” (but the solution that worked there doesn’t work for me) 

I have supplied a short title in the record in EN but it’s not generating. what I get instead when I generate the citations is

                      author, [space] page


in my word doc, 2 footnotes in sequence: 

[1] {Brou, 1954 #2075}

[2] {Brou, 1954 #2075@5}

this generates as:

[1] Louis Brou, “Le joyau des antiphonaires latins: le manuscrit 8 des Archives de la Cathédrale de León,” Archivos Leoneses 15-16 (1954)

[2] Brou,  5

In the EN record, I have specified that the short title is “Joyau des antiphonaires,” but for some reason EN is ignoring it when it generates the text.  :cry:

anybody help?

related question: is there a way to have EN automatically generate the short titles? (I have a lot of notes to format in a long book)