Short title not appearing

I’m in need of help here, using Chicago 16th footnote.
Please note that ALL my citations have the short-tile field compiled (ie, it is not left blank), and I do have “short title” in all the templates relevant to the reference types I use. YET, this is happening: the essay “La costruzione del ricordo” does not appear in its short-title form. The weird thing is – I’ve been citing this essay a number of times before footnote 162 and it appears correctly, with the short title, but for some reason, now it doesn’t! Does anybody know how I can solve this?
Thank you in advance!

I am not an footnote expert, and without knowing the precise correct handling of the footnote previously … Were they consecutive and this is not?

I think that subsequent citations should be formatted using the short form in the template, but if they are consecutive, they could use a different setting, under repeated citations in the footnote settings. In my Chicago 16 footnote style, it appears that consecutive says “replace repeated data with Ibid.,| Volume:|p. Cited Pages|.” While 17th says use short form. Also the source settings between the two are different. 16 says replace with ibid while 17 says no special handling.

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