Problem Updating EndNote X7.1 (Bld 9529) to EndNote X7.2

I am using a copy of Macintosh EndNote X7.1 (licensed for use at Virginia Tech) as a graduate student, in my last semester. I saw the prompt recently when starting my copy of EndNote for the X7.2 update and I tried to use the built-in updater within the program to execute this software upgrade/patch.  After a long delay, the EndNote Updater returns a message that it cannot find any EndNote installations that are elgible for this update.  What gives??  Are students / faculty of Virginia Tech being singled out and excluded from receiving this update?

I’m having exactly the same problem updating to EndNote X.2 on OSX 10.9.5. Also a university license.

This worked for me but it involves uninstalling EndNote, so proceed as you see fit:

  1. Uninstall EndNote by dragging the application to Trash (I ONLY trashed the application, not any of the associated files).
  2. Go through the necessary steps to re-download your university-licensed copy of EndNote (in my case, I had to download EndNote X7 for Mac). I’m not sure if this is only an issue with university-licensed copies of EndNote, but I’m writing this as if it were.
  3. Install all of the updates as the program indicates.
  4. I wasn’t prompted to update to X7.2, so I selected “Check for updates…” in the EndNote X7 menu and followed the directions from there.

After following these steps (and for reasons unknown to me), the updater was finally able to locate the installed copy of EndNote. My library and settings were left intact (no sync or extra steps were required), but I would definitely backup libraries and note your settings.

Note: This worked for a MacBook Air running OSX 10.9.5. Hope this helps anyone having this issue.