small caps in output styles?

Hi all,

hope I’m not repeating an earlier question, but does anyone know how to set a field to display as small caps in an output style? I’ve worked out italics, caps, and bold, but can’t find any reference to small caps anywhere in the user manuals.

I am currently programming an output style for a journal that uses small caps for their author names and don’t want to have to change the authors one by one after inserting the references…


Sorry this isn’t an answer to your question… But I wanted to ask you how you worked out bold and italics on your reference list (output style)… I created a new output style but was unsuccessful in making certain field bold or italic. Somehow I cannot select a field with my mouse. Wonder if you could help me with it…? Thanks. - HL

If you open up your style in the style editor window, you should be able to use your cursor to highlight sections of the style formula, whether field name, typed text, or punctuation, using the same method you would use to highlight text in Word or any other word processor. Once you have selected the text you want to change, just use Ctrl+i to make italic, or Ctrl+b to make bold, again, just like in Word or equivalent. Alternatively you could use the B or I icons in the Reference Manager toolbar to the same effect…

If you can’t actually highlight any text, like you seem to suggest, I’m not really sure why that would be. You may want to try contacting TR for support… or maybe someone else on this forum has an idea??