Small Caps in certain parts of Output Style - Not just all Authors (EndNote20)

[I am not trying to put all author names into Small Caps. I am trying to have certain parts of the Footnote Templates in Small Caps]

I am trying to put the author and title of books in my footnotes into small caps. Just like there is a button for bold or italics, there is a button for small caps. When I select ‘Author’ and push the small caps button, the Author goes into caps in the EndNote window. However, as soon as I save the output style (or a copy of it) the change reverts and it is no longer in small caps. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and how could I fix it?

The title or author capitalization options would not help me, seeing as the output style I use only puts Authors and Titles in Small Caps for books, and I need to be able to put journal names in Small Caps for my journal references.

Thank you for your assistance.

Are you certain you are save-as to a new name and opening a new version? The version of bluebook I just downloaded appears to already be small caps for the books’ template for the author and title field and only the Journal field for Journal template? (note I am still working with EndNoteX9, so if it is a glitch with EndNote20 – I wouldn’t see it).