Smart Group - Multiple Conditions


I have tagged some of the entries in endnote (through the notes section) with labels, and I would like to create a smart group without some of these labels.

For example, I would like to create a smart group of all the publications from 2013 that do not have label A or B (but could have any of the other labels that I have entered).

I can get this to work with only one label (e.g… with year 2013 NOT notes A), but not with 2 levels. I have tried combinations of AND, OR or NOT functions to get this to work, but can’t manage it.

Can anyone help? Can this be done?



Try this:


Year is greater than 2012


Label is greater than B

Hi CrazyGecko,

Thanks for replying so quickly!

I can see that it would be a good fix, however it does not work with my criteria.

I need to be able to isolate discrete years from 2009 (so greater than 2009 is not helpful given that it will include up to and including 2014), and my A and B are discrete. It would be like writing label is greater than ‘fish’ when my other category is ‘chicken’.

Thanks again though :slight_smile:


Not on my endnote computer right now, but can’t you create smart groups and then combine the groups to get your combinations? 

Sorry, I misread your posting. If the search parameter for Year is now defined as the range from 2009 to 2013 (excluding 2014) then add a second command line for Year to exclude the upper boundary:  


Year is greater than 2009


Year is less than 2014


Label is greater than B

Hi Leanne and CrazyGecko,

Thanks for your replies!

Leanne - that would be one workaround, the only problem with that one is if i created a smart folder from 2 other smart folders (e.g. 2009 without A and 2009 without B) the A entries would be in the B folder and would end up in the overall smart folder anyway.

CrazyGecko - I guess I’m really not explaining myself well. I need one smart folder for each year (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) in which i can put all of the entries that do not have two of the labels. e.g. one folder would be all entries from 2009 which do not have the label A or the label B, but could have any number of other labels that are put into the endnote.