Smart group excluding all references that are already in smart groups.

Hi there,

I am using EndNote X3, for my thesis. I have divided my library into chapters, and also have a few smart groups for categorizing my references, (e.g. Primary sources, Secondary sources, journal articles, etc.) I would like to have a smart group that lists all my references which are not listed in other smart groups.

My problem appears to be that I cannot start with a NOT Statement, (e.g. NOT author contains blogs.)

Is there a way to do this?



but there is a group of "unfiled’ right? does that help? 

You would need to use the “Create from Groups…” feature [introduced in EndNote X4] to create a new Smart Group based on other group membership criteria.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


But no this does not help because all my references are filed, according to the chapter of my thesis in which they will be used.

I have found a work around for Endnote X3.

The first clause of the smart group query needs to select all the items in your library. Then use subsequent clauses to exclude items that have been selected in other smart groups,

So my query looks like

“Year” 'Is greater than or equal to" 1900 (Since all my references are from the 20th or 21st century this includes all the records)

NOT “Any Field” “Contains” moltmann (exclude my primary and secondary sources)

NOT “Any Field” “Contains” disability (exclude the resources that went into the disability group)

NOT “Reference type” “Contains” Journal (exclude journal articles)


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