Smart group not detecting relevant articles

I’m having problems getting smart groups to work properly in EndNote X5.

I set a simple smart group rule of Any field=anorexia and ANY field=australia and saved it.

Then I did a Web of Knowledge search with those two keywords and exported the 4 results to EndNote. 

My smart group only detects 1 of the 4 items. 

It seems a straight forward search, so I’d love some guidance on how to get it to behave. 



Are you sure that the fields Web of Knowledge searched are being exported to EndNote Web? I did a test and Australia was in the Web of Knowledge record’s Author Address and reprint fields but those fields weren’t exported.

Web of Science appears to have pulled some of the search terms from the cited reference list, and the cited references weren’t transferred across when I grabbed the group. So that explains why the smart group couldn’t select those references. 

However, for other records, the term Anorexia might appear in the title, and the term Australia appear in the abstract, and the smart group doesn’t detect and retrieve the article. An example is Accession Number: WOS:000298792700024

Reluctance to Recover in Anorexia Nervosa

Author(s): Nordbo, RHS (Nordbo, Ragnfrid H. S.)1; Espeset, EMS (Espeset, Ester M. S.)1; Gulliksen, KS (Gulliksen, Kjersti S.)1; Skarderud, F (Skarderud, Finn)2,3; Geller, J (Geller, Josie)4; Holte, A (Holte, Arne)1,5,6
Source: EUROPEAN EATING DISORDERS REVIEW Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Pages: 60-67 DOI: 10.1002/erv.1097 Published: JAN 2012