Some smaller questions


I’m new to Endnote and can’t find the proper answer to three questions.

  1. Is it possible to see to which Group-Sets a Reference belongs to? Whether it is in one, or in more etc.

  2. I mainly add journal entries. In Pages i enter the Number of Pages (i.e. 3) and in Start Page i enter the first page. Which should be listed as 7-9. Or am i missing something?

  3. As for dates. In Europe they are listed as as opposed to mm.dd. So i enter “23. 12.” in the date field. Any possibility to order it that way?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  1. If you right click on a reference, and choose record summary, it lists which groups a record is in. 

2.  The pages field should have the range in full (7-9)  In the journal record entry, I have no idea what the “start page” field is for. 

3.  The date format of the Auto Date Stamp fields, such as “4/16/2008,” adheres to your default operating system settings.

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