sort bibliography in order of insertion

EndNote X7; MS Word 2010; Windows 7

I am working on a collaborative review paper. Individual contributions have their own citations and bibliographies resulting in many duplications. I can deal with those but in the compiled draft the resulting text citations and compiled bibliography are not in order of their first insertion. For instance I may have  ’ some text text [14, 3, 4, 5, 6] some more text’ instead of ’ … [3-6, 14] …’ And, of course, I hve the compiled bibliography out of order of the first insertion as well.

Can the bibligraphy (and the corresponding citation numbers) be sorted in order of their first insertion into the manuscript? Or, have I to do it manually?

When a new reference is inserted into the manuscript, the numbers and bibliography are updated OK. But how to deal with extisting citations?

Thanks for any help, JanAdam

Endnote can only order what it inserts.  It can’t skip or adjust what others not using endnote insert.  

The only way to overcome that, is to add their citations to your library – or they also use endnote.  

Endnote COULD reorder and handle citations from multiple authors using endnote.  You can share your online library and people can use endnote online without owning the desktop software.