citations suddenly all out of order! Please Help!

I have a huge document in word with citations in the footnotes of each page using EndNote. I’ve been adding them as I wrote the document all along. Recently, I started editing the document and adding and deleting citations etc. and suddenly all of my citations changed and are now all out of order.

It really is quite a disaster. Does anyone know how I can locate the origin of this problem and fix it? Or at very least what I did wrong?

Thank you.


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Which version of Endnote?

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I am afraid that I cannot help you but have just seen your post - I have exactly the same problem.  Each of the citations in my document (85,000 words) is appearing one later than it should.

I wonder did you manage to solve your problem and how did you do it. ?

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And I repeat, which version of Endnote?

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i am using endnote x.

in the meantime, i seem to have solved the problem.

for some reason, endnote was putting citations late from a particular citation in the document in which i had added a prefix. i removed this citation and everything is back to normal, however i cannot add the prefix that i wanted in that citation.

thanks again for prompt reply.

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Ahh,  see this FAQ

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thanks v much

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OK, but I have the same original problem.  I have a fairly large document created by combining several smaller ones.  Each one was created using different EndNote Libraries (different co-authors).  So now the full document bibliography does not have the correct order.  It should be in the order the citations appear in the text, but it’s not.  For example, the first citation in the document is not [1], instead it’s [10].   The citation numbers do match up correctly to the Bibliography numbers.  But I can’t get it to re-order properly.

But somewhere in the document there is a [1]?  It looks like the style you are using is perhaps alpha rather than the order cited?  What style are you using to format the document?  If you open that style for editing, how is the Sort order set in the Bibliography section?

Yes, there is a [1] in the document.  I’m using IEEE style in EndNote X2.  The Sort order is set to “Order of appearance”, just as in your gif.  The ordering that comes out is close to order of appearance, but there are some significant departures from it.

I updated the link to the knowledge base since the old link was broken and out of date. 10/2013

Okay the other time I have seen this happen is if there are figure legends in text boxes with references.  Word (and subsequently Endnote) considers  these items at the front or first, and so the references imbedded in them, are counted first. This problem can be solved by using a frame instead of a text box. Text boxes are part of the “graphics layer”, while frames are part of the “text layer”. See for discussion and how to make the conversion. 

I concur with this comment regarding Word ordering references in the text boxes (figure legends) first (Endnote X6.0.1, Bld 6599).

Also, when I’ve mixed endnote versions on the same document, I’ve been royally screwed, similar to the other posters on this thread.

Hello to all the IEEE people out there! Time for LaTeX?

Hi Leanne, 

I have a problem with out of order references in text which cannot be related to text boxes as I don’t have any. I was wondering if you could help?

I am using Endnote X7, and working with in-text APA references. 

It seems that occasionally I produce an invisible reference (not visible in text but in the list of reference nonetheless). This seems to shift all the rest of the references in text, so that my text no longer has the right authors next to it, they all move down.

Removing the invisible reference from the list does not solve the problem. The only way I have found so far is to re-enter everything manually :frowning:

Is there a way to “push down” or up all references in text?

I hope I make sense.

Thanks in advance,

nice is good

I am just a user.  not associated with the company that makes Endnote.  – I would contact tech support as they have previously indicated they do have tools to push things down.  

If you make a copy and convert to unformated citations, are they correct there?  If they are - then you can clean up the field codes using the instructions here and reformat which usually fixes the problem.  I don’t find I have to copy the text to a new document.