Sort "User Def 1" caused Crash


i’m using Refman 11.0.1 Network.

I used the “User Def 1” to assign my own literature number.

With Mouse/right Klick on the Head of the List  and “Refence List Display”, i defined a new column.

Insert “Lit-Nr.” it to the Head and Field Type is “User Def 1” and save the DB.


Till this Point it works.

When sorting the DB by my “Lit-Nr.” with a Klick on it, it works. But with one Second klick it Reference Manager is closed.


Its Reproducable.

It doesn’t matter if the DB-File is Located on Local Disk or Network or if its open normal or in Exclusiv Mode.



It sounds like this particular Reference Manager database has become corrupted.  Have you attempted rebuilding the database?

Please let me know if these steps resolve the mentioned crashing behavior.

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